Who is Nebelhaus?

Nebelhaus is a project by multiinstrumentalist and songwriter [Tim Nightpain] and Singer and Lyricist [Kammerjaeger].

Formed in June of 2021 and mainly influenced by the german band Rammstein, we enjoy creating songs in a very similar style.

All of it began in march 2021, when Tim, still waiting for the new Rammstein album, imagined, how new or unreleased music would sound like. Based on his over 15 years experience as a musician and being a fan for the same period of time, he began his work and released the first instrumental Fan Demo named “Schattentanz”.

Expecting a shitstorm and a lot of dislikes, like all the other pseudo-Rammstein related contents are bombarded with, he was suprised that the music was recieved in a positive way. Now he was motivated to do some more.

2 months later Tim released the first full-length fan made demo album “nachtmann”. The algorythm did its best and the positive feedback was overwhelming.

Since Kammerjaeger commented on one of the tracks that he would like to sing on it, Tim listened to his videos – cover versions of Rammstein and Lindemann songs – and was astonished by the similarity to Tills voice and the natural, raw spectrum. He was ideal for the instrumentals!

Tim and KJ started chatting and soon 2 demos saw the light of day, “Aderlass” and “Sonntag bei Omi”.

An album is in production at the moment and a lot of new material is on its way.

Quality Over Quantity

There are a LOT of NDH / Industrial bands around. And a lot try to copy the style of Rammstein. We don’t want to copy. We want to pay a tribute. In the writing process, everything is about feeling. How does the riff feel? How does this melody or synthesizer harmonize with the drums? Every single thing, even a hit on a snare drum, is purely made by emotion. Every song has a special meaning. Every instrumental was created with the heart. And the lyrics and the powerful vocals are taking this to another level.

We try to write the best songs possible. No b-stock, no that-riff-doesnt-sound-that-good-but-is-sounds-somehow-like-rammstein-ery. If the emotion of the song is interrupted, it is scrapped or improved. We have high expactations to ourselves. Only when we heard the song 20 times and it still sounds great, we release it.

The debut EP will be released on march 25th.

An album is scheduled for december 2022.