EP Issues and new release date

I know this is bad news but we have to announce a reschedule for the release of the EP. The production team that was chosen by us didn’t worked out in the way we wanted and because of that we have to start over again to provide the quality you deserve and to realize what…

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Aderlass EP Digital Edition FOR FREE

This EP Contains the 3 musical Interpretations of Till Lindemanns poems “Großmutter”, “Nebel” and “Wenn Mutti Spät Zur Arbeit Muss”. Großmutter was also used for the song “Sonntag bei Omi” which was recorded by Rammstein but never released. Click on the picture below to donwload the EP or use this LINK.

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NebelWiki now available!

How many songs does Nebelhaus have? -> NebelWiki What Instruments do they use? -> NebelWiki What plugin do we have for orchestration? -> NebelWiki Is Sonntag bei Omi related with Rammstein? -> NebelWiki Long story short: NebelWiki

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Nebelhaus – Herz EP

This EP contains our 3 songs Karussell, Ding Dong Song and Lovedoll and marks the end of 2021. During the 6 months of Nebelhaus’ existence, we recieved a lot of positive feedback. Thank you all for this great year, we are looking forward to 2022!

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Nebelhaus – Feuerräder [Rammstein Cover]

Via voting our fans and followers choose Feuerräder as a song for us to cover. The song from 1994 has only been released on the Engel Fan Edition Single and never been played live since 1994. We tried to capture the early day performance and give it a modern sound. Listen to it here:

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