Nebelhaus release with “Alle Jahre wieder” the first new song after “Aus Deutschen Landen”. It is a new interpretation of a German christmas folk song.

Nebelhaus surpasses 1k Followers on Spotify.

The band surpasses 10.000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Aus deutschen Landen is released as the Bands debut EP.

Wir lieben die Stürme is released as the first single of the upcoming debut EP.

Nebelhaus release with Slawa Ukrajini a very cointroversial but successful song.

Nebelhaus release their version of Rammsteins Feuerräder.

Karussell is released as the 3rd fully produced single and features Agnetha Ivers as guest vocalist in the chorus.

The NDH cover of Günthers Ding Dong Song is released

The 3rd and last demo song of the “Till Lindemann Trilogy” is released. All lyrics are based on Tills poems. Thjis one took the original poem that was altered by Rammstein for the song Puppe.

Lovedoll is the first fully produced song. Mixed by Benjamin Schwenen (Eisbrecher) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (LINDEMANN).

As celebration of the 20 years of Rammsteins Mutter, Nebelhaus made a cover of Halleluja

Sonntag bei Omi is the second demo release by Nebelhaus.

Aderlass is the bands first release as Nebelhaus, although it is in demo quality, it has a lot of positive feedback

Kammerjaeger sends his first vocals to Tim for the song Sonntag bei Omi

Tim uploades the first song “Schattentanz” as a fan made demo instrumental




  • Steinberg Cubase
  • Kontakt
  • Amadeus Orchestra
  • u-he Hive 2
  • Superior Drummer 3
  • Neural DSP Fortin NTF Suite
  • Neural DSP Parallax
  • STL Tonehub
  • FabFilter


  • Schecter SLS Elite C-1 Evil Twin
  • Schecter SLS Evil Twin-5 SBK
  • Alesis Strike Pro Special Edit
  • Tama HP900RWNBK Rol. G. Iron Cobra
  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 11
  • Slate Digital ML-1Matte Black
  • Neural DSP Archetype: Petrucci



  • Sky van Hoff
  • Benjamin Schwenen
  • Christoph Ranaldi
  • Tim Nightpain
  • Kammerjaeger


  • Svante Forsbäck
  • Jens Dreesen
  • Tim Nightpain